MarketplaceNeed CBD abroad? Travelers now have options

Need CBD abroad? Travelers now have options


We may never return to what many would call “normal,” but with normalcy becoming a part of our days once again, tourism is seeing a steady increase. And with people cooped up for so long, the beach destinations of Mexico are becoming quick and affordable options for those wanting some fresh air, sunshine, and a break from the same four walls. What does that mean for CBD abroad?

That’s a real question for those who have become reliant on CBD products to get them through their day-to-day anxieties, which can only be heightened by the thought of a return to travel and the great wide open. They can’t bring their trusted products with them, as international laws don’t permit the transport, and buying products in a foreign country can be risky.

Many west coast Americans and Canadians are finding great pleasure in visiting the Bay of Banderas in cities and towns like Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, and Bucerias. And for Sadie Christie, a transplant from Alberta to the Mexican Bay Area, she’s found a way to ease the minds and bodies of those beginning to travel yet again.

Christie was looking for the fight fit for personal use when she stumbled across something she could be confident in using.

“I was looking for a CBD product for myself and dove into the research,” she said. “I tried a couple of different products available here (in Mexico), but they were made from hemp and just weren’t working for me. I prefer using a product made from whole flower marijuana, which is difficult to find here due to previous laws and regulations. Then finally I found Omodiol, an organic, full-spectrum FECO oil made from whole-flower cannabis, and it just made a world of a difference.”

Initially Christie moved to begin a new chapter, a way for personal growth in a setting more suited to her needs. But she soon realized a gap in the market could be a nice little earner for herself in her new home: there just weren’t many unique options to enjoy CBD abroad for travelers.

“I realized this was a market that, while saturated in Canada and the United States, has a lot of room to grow here in Mexico, especially in high traffic tourist cities. Tourists, snowbirds, and expats alike are used to being able to access these high-quality cannabis products at home and are unable to bring it with them when they come down for holiday or to their second home. Then they get here, and unfortunately a lot of the products that are available here are just not up to snuff.”

The products Christie sells in Mexico have a 3:1 ration of CBD to THC. This means that Christie can’t sell directly to stores yet, but person-to-person distribution is allowed. She enjoys not only selling the products but educating people on the importance of knowing what those ratios mean for them. Specifically, how they aren’t purchasing marijuana.

“People often attribute my products to marijuana in general and mistake it for having the chemical compound THC, which is the other main, but psychoactive compound to which people seem to still attach stigma. I’m an advocate for THC in all cannabis products, especially when coupled with large amounts of CBD. So, I always enjoy debunking the misnomers people have, as well as using the products to educate people on the importance of THC in conjunction with CBD therapy.”

Tourism and the need for CBD abroad is a driving force behind Christie’s success, and as more people are flying in for a few days, weeks, months, or to begin life anew through relocation, Christie is thankful for each customer she secures.

“Like almost all business in Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding bay areas, tourism greatly affects sales. Winter is my busiest season because tourists come down and do a search on Facebook for CBD and my group pops up,” she said. “I’ve built this business for over two years, and I have many clients who come down for half the year and contact me immediately upon arrival, as well as a strong client base of expats who live here year-round.

Although legal in many states and in Mexico, Christie is clear on letting people know of international transportation rules.

“I never recommend traveling with our tinctures, as the legality of bringing our products across borders is iffy. So, I always tell my clients to try and use their products up before going home, and if they live in the United States, we can drop ship products to them.”

The Omodiol products Christie sells are sourced in Mazatlan, Mexico, and her top sellers are a 1000mg/30ml, tincture and Mexican coffee.

“That’s because the tincture is strong enough to take care of most ailments in varying dosages. And coffee is the perfect blend of kick and chill that gets you ready for the day,” she said. “In our world’s current state, it’s no surprise the main issues my clients deal with are stress, anxiety, pain management and sleeplessness. But we have a massive spectrum of clients with varying needs, from PTSD and depression to autoimmune disorders and cancer, so we have something for everyone.”

Christie is hoping that as the world begins to grasp a better understanding that the benefits far outweigh any negative stereotypes, that laws will begin to change in a direction better suited for both consumers and producers and fulfill the need for CBD abroad.

“Our main demographic is 50+, however that is also representative of the tourist and expat demographic in general. I have a growing number of younger clients as well, including children and pets! And a growing number of younger Mexican clients who are gaining more open to learning about the benefits CBD has to offer,” she said. “In an ideal world, I would like to see marijuana completely legalized for private cultivation and use. I would also like to see Mexico step up as one of the first countries to legalize marijuana, while keeping legislation and licensing within Mexico for national use and export. I believe by limiting foreign corporations’ abilities to grow and export their products under their name, Mexico has an incredible opportunity to become a main player in this billion-dollar industry, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and incredible economic growth on a global scale.”

Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith is a cannabis enthusiast and professional investigative reporter. She previously worked as the Editor of the Gonzales Weekly Citizen.


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