CultureThe Most Common Misconceptions about Cannabis

The Most Common Misconceptions about Cannabis


While the cannabis plant dates back to 500 B.C., it does not come without confusion, questions, and misconceptions. The misinformation and stigmas have caused a great deal of myths regarding the plant and its users. So, what does or doesn’t the plant do?

1. All cannabis users are lazy.

Television shows like That’s 70’s Show and Disjointed feed this misconception by depicting its weed partaking characters as lazy, senseless stoners. However, an article published in April 2021 contradicted this myth. The study was developed with the intention to explore cannabis use and sedentary behavior, and its results showed that frequent cannabis users were more physically active. In addition, in 2019 the University of Colorado – Boulder held a study combatting this same misconception with a focus on athletes or those that normally exercise. Seventy percent of those that used marijuana before working out experienced a more enjoyable workout and 52% said their motivation to workout was increased.

2. Cannabis is illegal

While still a common place for confusion, CBD and hemp are both legal products. December 20, 2018, the Agriculture Improvement Act was signed into effect removing hemp- cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC- from the definition of marijuana. While federally legalized, there are some states that still choose not to allow their residents to grow hemp, and some states also outlaw certain products like CBD edibles.

3. Cannabis causes memory loss.

Memory can be divided into two categories- short and long term. While marijuana can cause short term memory loss when ingested, the misconception is more so common in reference to long term memory which remains unaffected. Additionally, cannabis- specifically of the hemp variety- has shown the ability to reverse and prevent the negative impacts of Alzheimer’s Disease. This comes from research done by a pair out of Australia while researching effective treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease of which they came up with a mini review for CBD and CBD-THC combinations for treatment.

4. Marijuana kills brain cells.

This myth has roots dating back to the 1970’s when Dr. Robert Heath ran a study exposing monkeys to high doses of marijuana. His study resulted in structural brain changes- commonly confused with cell death. This study has been redone since the 70’s, and neither of the replications showed altercations of the brain. There are additional studies on humans in marijuana heavy countries- including Jamaica and Costa Rica. These studies also show no brain abnormalities.

5. Edibles aren’t as powerful as concentrates or flower.

This is quite the opposite. When analyzed milligram to milligram, ingesting THC will get you higher than smoking. When we turn and look at CBD edibles though, they are commonly reported as not as effective. Some users will report relief in stress, pain, or anxiety; however, this could also be attributed to the placebo effect. When considering taking edibles- both CBD or THC- ensure the CBD is bonded with a dietary fat to maximize its absorption ability.

5. Cannabis and hemp are different species in the same family.

While a common thought and field of mass confusion, cannabis and hemp are both from the same family- Cannabaceae– and scientifically they are the same species as well. The law is what truly defines hemp and marijuana with the difference being the THC – tetrahydrocannabinol- content. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC while marijuana has a THC content of greater than 0.3%.

6. Indica is always sedating, and sativa is always uplifting.

It is a common belief that indicas will cause a body high resulting in a sedating effect, and sativas will result in a more energetic high. The effects of the two different strains have more to do with their terpene profile and cannabinoid combination. The indica dominated feeling of relaxation and rest comes largely from the terpene myrcene, which contains heavy sedative effects. On the other hand, sativa strains are heavy in limonene and pinene which can cause feelings of euphoria, alertness, and mood elevation. In either case, though, an indica or sativa could have these effects, depending on the strain. It’s just not as simple as expecting every indica to put you to sleep or every sativa to give you energy.

These are just a few myths and misconceptions about cannabis, both hemp and marijuana. The cannabis community’s grey area causes mass confusion and myths, and its controversial nature keeps it at the forefront of headlines and media. As with any topic, it is important to research yourself and make informed decisions before choosing to partake or indulge!  

Madison Phillips
Madison Phillips studies Agriculture Business and Nursery Landscape Management in Fayetteville, TN, where her and her mother also operated a craft hemp farm.


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