MarketplaceRound-Up: Best Concentrate Vaporizers for 2021

Round-Up: Best Concentrate Vaporizers for 2021

Meet the Top 5 Contenders for 2021


Nowadays, it seems like there are endless ways to consume cannabis. From water-soluble powder containing THC distillate to hash-infused pre-rolled joints, there is literally something for everyone.

Vaporizing cannabis concentrates has exploded in popularity over the last decade. Also known as “dabbing,” this method sees high heat applied to extracts, creating a potent vapor to inhale. There are several different types of dabs, ranging in consistency from a shatter resembling amber stained-glass all the way to sticky sap.

The traditional way to dab concentrates is with a rig and blowtorch but thanks to modern innovation, there are lots of high-quality electronic vaporizers on the market as well. Check out our breakdown of the top five cannabis dab devices:

Puffco Peak Pro

The holy grail of smart dab rigs, the Puffco Peak Pro (and its predecessor, the Puffco Peak) is ridiculously sleek and effective. This innovative device features a ceramic chamber that warms up using an internal heating element. Vapor travels through a hidden channel, heading up into a water-filled glass attachment above. A corresponding mobile app allows users to create custom sessions, controlling temperature, length, and even the color that illuminates the glass. Offering modern aesthetics and a powerful draw, the Puffco Peak Pro is a top-of-the-line device more than worthy of its $399.99 price tag.

Dab Dipper

One of the slickest vaporizers on our list, the Dipper from Dip Devices makes dabbing effortless. Resembling a nectar collector, this handy unit features a ceramic heating element at one end. Press a button, lightly press the tip on the extract of your choice to create vapor, and inhale through a mouthpiece on the top. It’s that easy! For extra functionality, the Dipper doubles as loadable vape pen. There are three models to choose from: the original Dipper ($114.99), the dipstick-only Little Dipper ($29.99), and the EVRI ($69.99) which is a literal Swiss Army knife featuring a vapor tip, a fillable chamber, and an attachment for 510 cartridges or vape pods.

G Pen Roam

One of the most visible vape makers on the market, G Pen from Grenco Science has a robust product cataloge but their Roam device is our favorite. Discreet yet powerful, the unit features a spill-proof, self-contained borosilicate glass hydrotube and a fully quartz tank surrounded by a protective enclosure. A lithium battery powers the device, reaching the desired temperature (anywhere between 400 and 800 degrees) within seconds of powering up. Simply press a button and enjoy a flavorful vapor draw moments later. The G Pen Roam runs $249.95, which includes a hemp traveling case.

Pax 3

Pax is another popular vape company offering a variety of tools for every need. The Pax 3 is their most-revered, allowing you to consume both concentrates and dry herb in one convenient device. A chamber at the bottom of the handheld vaporizer houses your material and a conduction oven heats it to perfection. A hidden mouthpiece at the top gives a smooth draw from the vessel within. An integrated mobile app lets users control their experience, choosing from five unique temperature settings. The base unit runs $200 or you can opt for the complete kit featuring additional oven lids, the concentrate chamber, and extra screens for $250.

Hydrology9 NX

For fans of futuristic tech, the Hydrology9 NX by Cloudious9 takes the cake. This sleek modular vaporizer has borociliate glass mouthpiece fillable with water for a smooth hit. The device supports both flower and extracts using swappable convention heating elements and atomizers (pick from a quartz or ceramic chamber, both included). An advanced sensor automatically adjusts depending on which chamber is in use and six unique temperature settings allow for the perfect experience regardless of what’s being vaped. The Hydrology9 costs $300, and is sure to impress modern cannasseurs and OGs alike.

Rachelle Gordon
Rachelle has been a professional journalist in the cannabis space for 5 years, and has contributed to publications including High Times, CannabisNow, Cannabis & Tech Today, Highly Capitalized, and more.


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