CulturePopularity increasing in pet CBD use

Popularity increasing in pet CBD use


With over 70% of all American households owning pets, it’s no surprise many consider them part of the family. And as with every family member, health and well-being are important to pet owners.

Nearly 50% of all CBD users are reported to own pets, with almost 30% of those pet owners purchasing CBD products for their four-legged friends. Based on those numbers, the market for pet CBD products is becoming a varied and profitable one.

The FDA has yet to approve CBD products for pets, but the products themselves aren’t illegal. More significant numbers of pet owners are turning to pet CBD products to combat pain, anxiety, and even seizures in their furry friends.

Gloria Gladman, a retired schoolteacher in Louisiana, first heard of the products through a friend. She owns three dogs, and as one is getting older, she wanted to try what she felt was a more natural method of pain management when the cost of prescription medication began climbing.

“Gus is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet, but as he was aging, I noticed issues with his hips when walking, and it was affecting his demeanor. He’s a 14-year-old black lab, so hip issues are common, but it’s been terribly sad to see him in such distress.”

Gladman took Gus to her local vet. A thorough examination led to a dysplasia diagnosis, and numerous different medications were prescribed.

“The prescription costs each month were taking a toll, so when a friend told me about CBD, I began researching to see if it was a better option.”

Gladman lives a relatively natural lifestyle in her own right, so she found that being able to aid with Gus’ pain naturally was worth trying.

“The difference after the first month was unbelievable,” she said. “Gus used to wince when trying to get on the sofa or the bed, but he gets up now far more than he had been. And he’s nowhere near as out of it as he was on the prescription medication. He’s not cured, and I know that in time I’ll need to make the heartbreaking decision of what to do, but for now, he’s happier, and the spring that’s back in his step to some degree allows me to imagine many happy years with him are still to come.”

Gladman mentioned that regulations meant her vet couldn’t tell her that CBD would be a viable option but that she did discuss it with her vet.

“Due to the regulations still in place, I didn’t want to do something I shouldn’t, so I spoke to my vet beforehand. She couldn’t come out and say ‘go for it,’ but did say I should try it if I felt it would help. I’ve always trusted my vet, so I took that as an okay to move forward.”

The current statistics for pet CBD use state that almost 38 million pets nationwide are using natural tinctures and edibles to alleviate issues. Those numbers indicate that in 2020 alone, spending on pet CBD products reached $426 million. Sales are estimated to reach over $600 million by the end of 2021.

Gladman feels that with an increase in pet owners using CBD products for their animals, the FDA should be paying closer attention to the demand. In the case of classifications changing, Gladman wanted to stay in touch with her vet on any improvements.

“I’ve kept her up to date, and I can tell she’s supportive and as thrilled as I am with the results. I suppose that begs the question, ‘why can’t it just be the norm in terms of a treatment aid?’ It seems silly that their hands are still so tied when there’s a natural, less expensive pain management aid so easily available. All I can think is that big pharmaceutical companies are running the show, even where our fur babies are concerned. I’m hopeful that in time that’ll no longer be the case.”

Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith is a cannabis enthusiast and professional investigative reporter. She previously worked as the Editor of the Gonzales Weekly Citizen.


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