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KOI CBD Review (2021)

Koi CBD Review: Crafting the CBD Standard For Years


Koi CBD is a CBD company that claims they’re setting the standard for cannabidiol products everywhere. Are they?

Claiming the top spot in CBD, or let alone suggesting you’re groundbreaking in 2021, is becoming more and more of a tall order. Around every corner is a new CBD infusion, pop-up, or uniquely presentation of product.

But if I’m being honest, Koi is definitely among the few brands aiming high. Their line is full of CBD products of all different types, from flower and tinctures to gummies and inhalers. Since they’ve first started as a company, Koi has come far; along with their huge product line, they also offer various strengths that are perfect for all types of CBD consumers.

Across 3rd party and consumer reviews, their products are generally reported as working well, with fast, potent results (differ depending on the product). At the same time, Koi has had a somewhat tumultuous reputation on the national stage, receiving a FDA warning letter in 2019, and later facing a class action lawsuit in 2019 (dismissed in 2020) due to mislabeled products (stemming from the gray area of CBD being potentially defined as a dietary supplement). They also boast being THC-free for example, though their own COA results say otherwise.

Despite the occasionally bad press, many reviews place them around a 6.5 to 8.5 out of ten. Consumer reviews are generally very positive, though we weren’t able to verify to what level these comments were scrubbed or disingenuously created.

Taking it all in, Koi remains a crowd favorite, and earns a ranking of around 7 out of 10.

Ultimately, Koi CBD’s products are well-packaged, offering a quality feel in the hand. Most of their products taste quite good, with only some being made with artificial flavors that are hard to ignore. And regardless of the flavor, this writer can’t deny Koi’s efficacy: these products work incredibly well. With super strong potencies–some products being as strong as 3,000 mg.–even CBD connoisseurs can enjoy these quality products and feel the effect.

Koi CBD’s Overall Rating: 7/10


  • Huge product line
  • Various product strengths
  • High potency


  • Strong artificial flavors
  • Inconsistent THC claims

Koi’s been around for a few years, and I’ve kept my eye on them since they first started. Recently, they’ve released a new line of hemp flower products that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. If you’re someone who loves the smell and taste of a quality preroll, Koi’s hemp prerolls are perfect for you. These joints actually remind me of weed, and not just shake like most companies’ do. The 1-gram Sour Space Candy preroll had me relaxed nearly immediately. Their other strains, too, I found perfect for all throughout the day.

Product Review: Naturals Lemon-Lime Tincture

To make Koi’s Naturals product line, the company uses a special broad-spectrum extract they call Koi PRIZM. This is one genius extract to use to achieve relaxing effects so you can skip the lavender oil and the chamomile tea because this rather unique strain can keep those cabin fever jitters at bay.

The formula has undergone rigorous procedures to ensure not only potency, but quality, too. The result is easily one of the best broad-spectrum extract tinctures I’ve had in a while. This tincture’s lemon-lime flavor is nice and citrusy, and it doesn’t taste overly artificial. With strengths ranging from 250 mg. to 2,000 mg., every person can enjoy this refreshing, potent tincture. What’s even more? It contains terpenes.

Ever wonder what gives your CBD products the unique, distinct aromas they produce? Well, you can thank terpenes for that. Terpenes are the fragrant oils that plant species emit, resulting in the floral, spicy, skunky, or citrusy flavors that you’ve come to know and love within your CBD products. Plus, they’re said to promote wellness in ways that directly support CBD. These aromatic compounds have been currently studied and determined to play a role in the entourage effect that occurs when combined with cannabinoids. Clinical studies have supported this idea as well, showing that when epileptic patients are given a pure CBD isolate compared to a terpene-rich CBD extract, the patients who have consumed only the isolate had to consume more overall, and experienced a smaller percentage of beneficial effects as well, compared to a considerable improvement of over 70% in whole CBD extract users.

The Koi Naturals Lemon-Lime Tincture is packaged well and feels high-quality, both in the bottle and the box itself. On the nose, it smells fruity, and under the tongue, you get true flavors of natural lemon-lime. Usually, I’m not a fan of flavored tinctures, but this one both tasted great and worked incredibly well. With heavy waves of relaxation in both mind and body, this tincture is perfect before bed.


  • Various strengths
  • High-quality extract
  • Delicious, natural flavor
  • Great for mind, body relaxation


No complaints here!

Product Review: Vape Oil Tropical Popsicle

One of the most popular ways of enjoying CBD nowadays is through your vape. Koi’s newest products, their vape oils line, focus on making high-quality vape oils to calm you down throughout the day. This particular flavor is called Tropical Popsicle, and trust me, you’ll notice the tropical flavors immediately. In my opinion, this flavor is a bit too strong, as artificial pineapple was all I could taste. But, despite the taste, I still appreciated the vape’s potent effects. At 1,000 mg. of broad-spectrum CBD, it worked just as I was hoping: I felt uplifted, refreshed, and at ease all day long.

This Tropical Popsicle Vape Oil looks just like your typical CBD tincture. The packaging is well put-together and detailed, which I always appreciate. I’m not a huge fan of this tincture’s artificial tropical flavor, but it might good for those looking to hide hemp flavors entirely. All in all, the product works incredibly well, and I found it best for daytime hours due to its uplifting  effects.


  • Potent, fast-acting effects
  • Great in any vape
  • Various strengths


  • Strong artificial flavor

Trying Koi CBD: The Bottom Line

So, from what we’ve learned, Koi CBD does an amazing job on enhancing mood, calming the mind, and uplifting the spirits the only way they know best — naturally! All in all, anyone looking to try out this CBD brand needs to know that there’s an amazing cannabis experience that awaits ahead and there are so many ways to do it! While I didn’t enjoy the heavy artificial flavoring, I will keep on standby for new product launches for any changes and other cannabis innovations.

It’s no doubt that CBD products can significantly change one’s outlook, especially during these uncertain times may be able to help achieve a better mental state so cannabis consumers — both seasoned and new — can move ahead and return to enjoying a life free of stress and full of relief.

And, while Koi has been one of the world’s leading CBD companies, I will say, it’s very important to understand that CBD is an experience that will be different for the next person and depends on a number of factors. All this said, if you’re a newbie to the CBD world who is down for calming your mind, relieving pain, and energizing your soul, please educate yourself first and consume safely and responsibly.

Tamell Green
Tamell, or Mell, is a published writer and advocate of legal cannabis. You can find her work across a number of cannabis publications, where she covers all things wellness, cannabis science, and market changes. Mell is also a proud volunteer of the National Hemp Association.


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