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5 blooming celebrity cannabis brands


If you follow the legal cannabis scene at all, you’ve probably heard about Seth Rogen’s marijuana and home goods line, Houseplant. But, did you know that Seth Rogen is far from the only celebrity to release a line of cannabis products in the past six years? Celebrity-endorsed cannabis brands have been on the rise since recreational marijuana legalization started to take the United States by storm in 2012.

Let’s take a look at the five best celebrity cannabis brands to get the inside scoop on celebrity-sponsored, pothead culture.

1. Houseplant, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

Houseplant is a line of marijuana strains and home goods (hence the “House” and “Plant” that make up their name). It was launched in Canada in 2019, but only recently became available in the United States. Rogen and Goldberg are both seasoned Hollywood professionals with a slight marijuna obsession. According to various interviews, they spent months hand-selecting the highest quality marijuana strains to feature in their collection.

In addition to this extensive research, Goldberg and Rogen created three, customized vinyl LP’s to accompany each strain. There are three strains in the collection, categorized simply as “Indica”, “Sativa”, and “Hybrid”. This makes it easy for first-time cannabis users to differentiate between the effects of each strain, without sifting through wordy strain names. But Houseplant is about more than just flower: the accessories highlighted in the collection include ashtrays, lighters, and even an oil lamp that are all inspired by Rogen’s pottery-pastime.

Overall, this cannabis brand emphasizes the normalization of marijuana consumption through its beautiful, minimalistic aesthetic and the involvement of the most well-known pothead in Hollywood: Seth Rogen. 

2. Garcia Hand Picked by Trixie Garcia (Jerry Garcia’s daughter)

In a market saturated by male founders, Garcia Hand Picked stands out because it’s a women-run, women-owned collection. Jerry Garcia’s, of “Grateful Dead” fame, three daughters are behind this cannabis brand that doubles as a lifelong family dream in the making. Trixie, the current face of the brand, was inspired by her father’s legacy to create an accessible, family-oriented brand that includes everything from flower and joints to edibles shaped like guitar picks.

Like Houseplant, it simplifies the experience of purchasing marijuana for new users through its accessibly-named strains: Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa. In an attempt to honor their father’s legacy and keep the pothead fans of “Grateful Dead” happy, the daughters were very picky about the growers they partnered with to turn their dreams into a reality. In the end, they decided to work with Josh Genderson, the CEO of Holistic Industries. Together, the Garcia family and Genderson hand-selected strains that they feel represent the essence of “Grateful Dead” culture. One of these, of course, is the infamous “Chemdog” strain, which is said to originate directly from a “Grateful Dead” parking lot in 1991.

This cannabis brand is an excellent choice for “Grateful Dead” fans and potheads alike with its focus on family-sourced, hand-picked marijuana of the highest quality. 

3. Montkush by Anthony Sullivan and Dave Christian

Though Anthony Sullivan isn’t necessarily a household name in the world of A-list celebrities, you might recognize his face from the infamous OxiClean infomercials. In 2019, however, Sullivan was inspired to step away from television sales pitches to start a CBD-based brand of products. After seeing the incredible healing effects that the medicine had on his daughter, Sullivan grabbed longtime friend Daivd Christian to help him get involved with the CBD industry.

Unlike the other brands on this list, Montkush is not a THC-focused company; they produce CBD-only products like softgels, topicals, edibles, and oils to help folks who suffer from medically-related pain. The goal for Montkush is not the normalization of marijuana itself, but instead, to spread the healing powers of CBD as an accepted medicine. Their farm is located on the East Coast of the United States and uses a squeezing process to harvest the oils for their products.

Sustainably-produced, and better for the user, Montkush avoids all chemical processes to extract their CBD, making them unique in the world of celebrity-founded cannabis brands. 

4. Belushi Farms by Jim Belushi

You might recognize Jim Belushi from one of his hundreds of acting roles in various Hollywood classics, or from the infamous family name that he shares with his older brother. In 1982, John Belushi, Jim’s brother, sadly passed away from an unexpected drug overdose. After struggling for years to accept his brother’s passing, Jim found solace in living a simple life as a farmer. Specifically, a cannabis farmer.

“Belushi Farms” doesn’t refer to a particular marijuana collection, but, instead, the Oregonian farm on which Belushi procures high-quality, cannabis plants. From these plants, he has three individual marijuana brands: Blues Brothers, Captain Jack, and Belushi’s Secret Stash. His brands feature a wide variety of cannabis products, including vape cartridges, joints, and flower. Jim Belushi, through his hands-on approach to the growing process, is by far the most involved and personally invested celebrity on this list. His cannabis brand focuses on the healing effects that getting stoned can offer people, especially those struggling with mental health.

His growing process is also unique in that it is the most publicized on this list. The reality TV show, “Building Belushi” chronicles Jim’s journey building the luxurious cabin he now resides in on Belushi Farms. Ultimately, Jim’s story of leaving Hollywood to discover the healing power of marijuana is one for the books. 

5. Merry Jane by Snoop Dogg

Last, but certainly not least on this list, is Merry Jane by Snoop Dogg. Contrary to popular belief, Merryjane is a media company, not a collection of cannabis products (though Snoop Dogg also has one of those separate from Merry Jane). Merry Jane was originally founded in 2015 as a digital-media company by Snoop and Ted Chung.

In addition to publishing a favored blog site that centers around the marijuana industry, Merry Jane also acts as a media production company that specializes in cannabis-focused content. They have partnered with networks such as Vice, VH1, and MTV to produce recognizable hits such as “Martha and Snoop’s Dinner Party” and “Mary + Jane”. Another aspect that sets Merry Jane apart from other celebrity-cannabis brands is its activism in the marijuana legalization community. They have assisted in the event planning of several activism events with the intention of educating the public and raising awareness about marijuana legalization in the United States.

The only downside to Merry Jane is that the level of Snoop Dogg’s actual involvement in the day-to-day operations of the company is hazy. Ted Chung is currently the active CEO, which means that, apart from live appearances and guest-starring roles in the programs, Snoop’s involvement is unknown to the public. 

Caroline Adamec
Caroline Adamec is a budding freelance journalist and hemp advocate. Her background has primarily been in entertainment news, with past work has appearing in such publications as Hollywood Insider.



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